Who are You?

“…And in Christ you have been brought to fullness” (Colossians 2:10).

Who are you? It was a relief after I got married, because if someone asked me I could say: “wife to a wonderful man.” Typically, I would answer with a summary of my radio career because that’s what defined me for so long. However, I knew the question was designed to dig deeper. In Christian circles it was easier to answer. Since I’m a DJ for a Christian station I could drop a line from a popular song like: “I’m a Child of the One True King.” Unfortunately, songs like that didn’t help very much because for so many years I really didn’t know who I was. I’d replaced sensitivity with ruggedness and numbed pain with addictions for so long. I’d forgotten about the little girl who was so sensitive, cried easily, felt deeply, and wanted to help everyone. These aren’t traits the world celebrates, especially in the entertainment industry.

But God does! Chances are the ‘you’ no one knows is the you He wants to uncover. Ask Him to reveal who you are and expose the walls of protection you erected when you were young. Let Him work in you to harden what needs to be hardened and soften what needs to be softened.

The walls we build in our own strength may shield us from pain, but they block us from love’s fullness. With Gods strength, we don’t need them anymore. When we allow Him to tear down and rebuild, He will protect us through the process.


What are some character traits about yourself that you’ve kept hidden from people, maybe even yourself? Make a list and reflect on them?
Why have you hidden these qualities or been afraid of them?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. TeriAnn FrameTankersley says:

    Thank You! Im after almost 50 yrs. Of LIFE finding my TRUE SELF & VOICE in a better & different light

  2. mrpayaso says:

    Thank you Jodie! words to ponder and apply!

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