Have You Given Yourself Permission to Love?

I frequently ask God to help me love people better. You know, with the kind of love described in 1 Corinthians 13:5. One that’s not “self-seeking,” or “easily angered.” One that doesn’t ‘keep score.’

I learned it wasn’t possible until I gave myself permission:

Permission to care about my feelings.

Permission to choose my relationships.

Permission to say no.

Permission to not own other people’s feelings.

Permission to not be afraid of my own power.

Permission to not need everyone’s approval.

Permission to be vulnerable.

Permission to cry.

Permission…to be me.

Guilt and shame kept me trapped in a life I was living for everyone else. Fear of intimacy, loss, and not being liked caused me to quench my own authenticity; the channel for love to flow freely.

I learned I couldn’t buy love; earn love; or force love.

I learned real love allows for freedom.

I learned real love is a choice.

It was one I had to offer myself before I could give it to anyone else.

1.What do you need to give yourself ‘permission’ to ‘do’ or ‘be?’

2. What’s blocking you, or what are you afraid of?

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