Does it Matter What You Live For?

Meaning and purpose in life is essential to our well being. This guy named Victor Frankl survived a Nazi concentration camp and wrote about his experiences in a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. 

He said the difference between those that lived and those that didn’t came down to one thing: Meaning. The realization that “Life was still expecting something of them.”

Although I believe it’s God who gives our lives meaning; finding our individual purpose can take time.

In Psalm 27:14 we are told to: “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart …and wait.”

Waiting can be disheartening when life seems so short, but the growth we experience in the process can be priceless.

1. What gives your life meaning?

2. How do you feel the ‘meaning’ of your life is different from your individual purpose? How is it the same?

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