One Day at a Time

Hope and motivation for the new year ahead!

Genuine Life with Jodie Stevens

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.’ The state of your heart wasn’t built in a day either, or the state of your life. Your situation now (whether good or bad) is most likely a culmination of the patterns and habits of every day prior, each happening ‘one day at a time.’

If you’re struggling with doubt, self-pity, anger, lust, weight, addiction, or any other emotional or habitual difficulty, remember that the formation of these troubles and pains were created over years and years, and usually it takes years and years to undo them.

 I’ve seen addicts relapse and businesses fall apart because people were moving ahead too quickly.

A great example is how losing weight is one of the top new year’s resolutions. And yet almost 90% of people quit going to the gym by the time March rolls around.

There is a reason recovery…

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