How Much Responsibility Do You Take For Other Peoples Reaction To You?

Jodie StevensFor years I used to take responsibility for other peoples reaction to me. If I intimidated them I would downplay my gifts and devalue myself to make them feel more comfortable.

This false form of humility cost me a lot of opportunities. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be humble; but we all have God given talents and gifts. Hiding them so others feel better about themselves can cause all kinds of emotional problems. For instance:

*We feel like we can’t be authentic around certain people because it makes them insecure. This creates an emotionally dishonest relationship in which we’re always on pins and needles trying to say or do the ‘right’ thing.

*We betray ourselves at the expense of others. When we do this we feel a sense of violation in the relationship, partly because we have violated ourselves.

*We feel unappreciated and undervalued; and the worst part is that we are the ones ultimately responsible for feeling this way.

One of the ways to begin getting out of this co-dependent cycle is to not allow others to control how we feel. It’s extremely difficult at first but it does get easier.

The biggest hurdle is allowing ourselves to become aware of it in the first place.

Jodie Stevens

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