Why ‘Kindness’ Can Backfire

Jodie Stevens

“What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?”

Every time I filled out one of those evaluations I scored highest on the ‘gift’ of mercy.

For me, this ‘gift’ felt more like a curse.

I would do someone a favor and it would become an expectation. I would come up with a brilliant idea and someone else would take credit for it.

Sometimes I did things I didn’t want to do because it’s what other people wanted. I’d feel guilty if I didn’t and since I’m a Christian, I reasoned, it was my job to help.

Matthew 7:6 says: “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Jon W. Quinn’s commentary on this passage is brilliant:

“Do not persist in offering what is sacred or of value to those who have no appreciation for it, because your gift will not only become contaminated and be despised, your generous efforts could also be rebuffed and perhaps even openly attacked. Your life, time, energy, opportunities and abilities are God’s pearls…we must show discernment as to what use we make of God’s possessions. It is possible to waste them either by using them when we should not as well as not using them when we should.”

Are you carefully distributing your pearls today?


Jodie Stevens

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