How Do You Express Gratitude?

Jodie StevensI recently posted the question on Facebook: How do you express gratitude? Some people said hugs and cards. For others, it was through prayers and acts of service. And for many people expressing gratitude simply meant maintaining a good attitude regardless of their circumstances. No matter how you express it, it’s important that you do.

Grateful people are happier, healthier and friendlier. In addition, they are less self-centered, materialistic, and envious. Grateful people usually live longer, love better, and are more successful in their careers. I’m thankful for gratitude because choosing it over bitterness radically altered my own life.

Thanking God through my difficulties opened my heart to accept valuable lessons and to be teachable instead of resentful. Gratitude quieted my anger and calmed my fears, which made room for my self-esteem to heal. Its’ therapeutic power to transform my negative emotions was instrumental in keeping me sober.

God planted a seed of gratitude in my heart the day I invited Him into my life. Day by day it grows inside me and engulfs the bitter root that preceded it. I’m thankful for the lifesaving gift of gratitude and the knowledge, love and friendship of the One who gave it.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am grateful for your encouraging words and pray that I will focus on gratitude more often.

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