Why Didn’t I See This Sooner?

Jodie StevensOccasionally I get discouraged that I’m just now realizing what led to my past troubles.

While I’m grateful God has given me these epiphanies, sometimes I find myself saying things like: “why am I forty two years old and just now figuring this out?”

‘More will be revealed’ is a popular motto in recovery. It refers to the life long process of self-discovery. Another analogy is when you don’t get the thing you wanted and later you realize how God was protecting you from a harmful situation you couldn’t see.

Sometimes denial is willful ignorance, and other times it’s necessary because we’re not strong enough to deal with the truth.

If you feel like you’re a ‘late bloomer’ in the garden of life take heart, Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us that God has made everything beautiful in its time. That includes you.

Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing. But rather, thank God you finally see.

Jodie Stevens

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael L. says:

    Wonderful post. I’m so encourage by that verse. I love knowing I can become beautiful with Gods help.

  2. It is a beautiful verse! Thanks for reading!

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