Psychology Tests and More

000_6910RetouchI was doing some research this weekend and got sidetracked for several hours taking those little psychology quizzes (one of my favorite time wasters).

Are You Co-dependent is a fun one. After quiz number five it became clear that I was indeed a textbook case. Of course I had to take three similar quizzes just to be sure (if you’re codependent you understand).

Naturally I had to get my husband involved in the fun so I sent him the Are You a Narcissist test. I smugly informed him I scored very low on this particular examination.

He on the other hand scored higher than Lady Gaga. We both had a good laugh and realized there was a hint more than meets the eye when it came to our initial attraction to one another.

Now my ‘narcissistic’ husband is incredibly caring and sensitive and his ‘co-dependent’ wife does more than her fair share of taking.

It works because we both know who we are. And when we don’t, we get actively involved in the process of figuring out where we left ourselves. We admit our faults and work to correct them so we can be better people for each other.

But oh the dangerous dance that can ensue between two people with certain personality flaws when left untreated. What starts as a fireworks show is nothing but smoldering embers after two unhealthy people have consumed one another until there is nothing left but bitterness and anger.

My husband and I have both worked recovery programs and have a graphic understanding of our flaws. As a result, we understand how to live in victory over them on most days. Sometimes taking a goofy psychology test is a reminder of what life could have been without recovery.

Jodie Stevens

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