My Take on Gratitiude Part 1

1459190_10201344609605162_207257741_nI’m thankful for many things, but gratitude feels different; sort of like deep inner peace that comes from being grateful even in difficult times. Sometimes it wells up inside me and tears spring forth as I think about how much God has blessed me in my sobriety.

I believe grateful hearts can lead to happy marriages and rescue ones on the rocks. The other night my husband forgot to close and lock the back door (something that irritates me). I set about to warn him of his ‘carelessness’ but then I recalled how blessed I am that God brought us together in a way so divine that even an atheist would be impressed. Instead of complaining, I locked the door and let the ‘offense’ go.

You might think I was just ‘choosing my battles,’ but without gratitude in the mix those little disturbances can multiply into big resentments.

Marriages crumble over less because people aren’t grateful for who they claim to love and what they possess. They are careless enough to think something better awaits them around the corner.

I believe grateful hearts can save the day. After something unfavorable happens do you ever hear yourself say: “It’s going to be one of those days?

This was one of my favorite and frequent murmurs. Now I say: “things got off to a difficult start but it’s going to be a great day from here forward.”

99 percent of the time the day ends on a high note.

I realize today that a huge part of dealing with life is attitude and a huge part of managing my attitude is directly tied to how grateful I am!

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  1. Diana says:

    What a great and timely reminder!!

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