The Three Words God Needs Us To Hear

Oct-Dec 2013 Photos 063We were in Monterey last Thanksgiving. It was a rare day along the majestic coastline with 8 to 12 foot waves smashing against the shores of Asilomar Beach.

Each spray left behind a mist that hung in the air and danced in the sunlight giving off the illusion of fog. There was barely a breeze and hardly a cloud in the sky. Yet the mighty waves hurled themselves headlong into the cliffs, rocks and sand from the pull of gravity on the other side of the world; such majestic beauty created by an unseen force.

I figured out why restless people are drawn to the ocean. The commotion of the sea is like a soul mate: unpredictable and wild. And even when it’s calm it’s still moving, making it easy for a wandering soul to be still. And I was for quite some time (to my husband’s disbelief). That day the ocean looked mightier than ever: majestic, powerful, and inspiring.

Sometime later we hiked to the top of a large hill in Garrapata State Park. Peering down from above the waves didn’t seem so enormous – and neither did my problems.

I’ve heard some astronauts have come to believe in God after seeing the earth from a distance. Looking down at the ocean, so vast and yet appearing so much smaller now, I could see why.

At times I can’t see the forest for the trees. But above it all my perspective begins to change and what seems so important diminished in size as what truly matters starts to come into focus.

As I was pondering all these things: God’s greatness, my smallness and its little problems in relation to His vast universe, I heard a quiet voice speak to my spirit:

“Daughter,” He said “I love you.”

Tears began to roll down my face.

“I love you,” He said again and once more: “I love you.”

Soon I was sobbing. Those weren’t the words I wanted to hear. I wanted Him to provide solutions to my difficulties and promise to right all the wrongs done to me. At the very least, I wanted Him to reveal His plans for my future. Yet I knew those were the words I needed to hear.

Job, Chapter 26, talks about how God created the horizon when he separated the waters, and set boundaries for day and night- that the foundations of heaven tremble at his rebuke, and by his power the sea grows calm.

And yet his love for us is more forceful than the most enormous of waves, more powerful than the strongest pull of gravity, and more indomitable than all the forces of nature combined. He sent his one and only son to die for us, proving that his love for us is even stronger than the power of death.

The mighty creator of all chose to dwell in our hearts, and yet his mightiest message of all is so simple: “I love you.”

Jodie Stevens

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