How Well Do We Trust God?

000_6910RetouchI want Gods will for my life, I really do. I want to live for him and be an on fire Christian who does amazing things. I want to be victorious over my negative emotions. I want to be the ‘light of the world.’ I want God to change me from the inside out and make me more like him.

The problem is, I’m afraid of how he’ll do it. Because deep down I’m not really sure he wants what’s best for me.

After all, so many others have let me down.

Isn’t that why we try to control our circumstances? Deep down, we don’t really trust God, or anyone else for that matter.

If we really trusted God, why would we ever worry about anything?

Although I don’t verbalize it, if my actions were a prayer they might sound something like this:

“Make more humble but don’t embarrass me.”

“Make me less fearful but don’t scare me”

“Make me more patient but don’t bring me trouble.”

“Make me more courageous but don’t make me fight.”

“Oh, and God, your will be done. But don’t take away my position, power, and prestige. Please don’t take away my creature comforts or send me to a weird place to do mission work.

But the bible tells us it’s our faith that makes us righteous.

Galatians 3:6 says:
“Abraham believed God, so God declared him righteous because of his faith. The real children of Abraham, then, are all those who put their faith in God.”

Yes, this is the same Abraham who tied up his only son Isaac and laid him on the altar to be sacrificed to the Lord.

But, if you remember, it all ended well. God was testing Abraham’s faith. He let the boy live and provided a ram for the sacrifice instead.

How many of us would pass a test like that? No matter what, Abraham chooses to believe that God wants what’s best for him.

God tells Abraham he will become the father of a great nation and that He will bless him and make him famous; that all the families of the earth will be blessed through him, and his descendants will be like the stars in the sky; too many to count.

By the time Sarah conceives she is 90 years old and Abraham is 100.

What if Abraham hadn’t trusted God?

What if he hadn’t obeyed God?

The magnitude of Abraham’s ‘test’ seems to be equal to or on par with the magnitude of his blessings.

This story illustrates that it’s never too late to trust God. It also spurs the question: what blessings will we miss if we don’t trust God?

Jodie Stevens

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