When We Curse Our Blessings

When I open the fridge and groan that there’s nothing to eat, I remind myself there’s plenty; it’s just that nothing looks good.

I’m made aware of my abundance every day at the gym, surely it’s a place I wouldn’t frequent were I starving.

Nothing-to-wear-nothing-to-eatWhen I open my closet and snivel that I have nothing to wear, I see a closet full of clothes staring back at me, and drawers overflowing with gear.

I’m made to remember this each time I gripe and grouse that there’s no hot water for my shower as my ‘nothing to wears’ are all in the washing machine.

When I fuss and bellyache that our home is a mess, I see the faces of the families in Jamaica and Guatemala that would do anything to acquire my clutter.

When I whimper and whine about being exhausted, I know that hospitals and hospices are full of people that would give anything to be weakened by a day’s work instead of sickness and disease.

When I fret and fuss that my husband is noisy or left a mess, I know that for many the silence of a lost partner is deafening, and they would cherish any amount of dirtiness just to see them again.

When I bemoan my life because I don’t think it’s going the way it should, I’m reminded of my circumstances before God rescued me and blessed me with plenty of food, a closet overflowing with clothes, a sometimes messy home, good health, a loving husband, and His love and salvation.

Surely I can make it through one day without cursing my blessings!

Jodie Stevens

Photo: http://www.dumpaday.com/

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