My guitar sits in the corner gathering dust as I consider my New Year’s resolution to be more disciplined.

Our spare bedroom is crammed with scrapbooking supplies I haven’t touched in ages as I consider what new things I’ll be needing this year.


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As I’m wondering about the latest songs I can download I see the several hundred CD’s that haven’t been played in years.

There are so many new books I must read, yet I keep tripping over ones that haven’t been read yet.

The latest diet will require a new appliance, so I’ll have to rearrange the juicer, rice cooker, and stove top grill that were once main gadgets in diets past.

I’ll have to store them in the garage which is getting crowded so I’ll need to park the cars in the driveway to make room.

The boxes full of dinnerware will need to be moved, which reminds me, I’ll need to get some new table settings in case we have new friends over.

The New Year’s sales are going on and I should really go shopping so I can buy the latest styles and trends – I just don’t seem to have any more room in the closet to put them.

Yes, indeed, it will be a busy year of rearranging what I have not used, to make room for more.

Jodie Stevens

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